Tuesday, 8 October 2013

What I've been up to lately

Well I've been up to a few things lately things like reading, playing Scratch, playing with my brothers and also painting. We did get fish recently, but there are other things as well such as:


Well over the last two years of playing soccer, I've enjoyed it. We just couldn't find the right club. The first year Mum and Dad weren't happy with the club. The second year I broke my arm,(and for your information it was from my brother not soccer). We weren't there for long, but in that short time we could tell it wasn't that great. This year I played with a club that we like and I'm going to play there next year. But what I think is really coincidental is that three of my team mates from my previous club were at the club I played at this year. How bizarre is that? I've just recently joined a futsal team which is most of my team mates from this year on the team.

And here is a photo from this year in uniform coming right up.......

Drawing and Writing:

Well lately I've been doing a lot of this. I've been inventing superheroes and villains. I make up their back stories,  and draw them. I am putting them in adventure books. Currently I'm writing about a hero named Spyman and his back story. There's one about a hero called Sword Swipe who is joining together this new team called the Swordsmen. 


'What are Gourds?' which you may ask. They're a type of plant of plant that grows with a hole in it which is a crooked circle. Then we pick them and cut the hole bigger and neater. It turns out that it makes a very good place to make miniature house scenes. I am currently taking lessons from a lady named Nicola she is a really good help and I'm nearly finished the gourd so these photos are a little bit old......

This is after the first day.  I have made a 
top floor and the bottom of the couch

This is me working on the bottom of the house

This is the gourds much later. The couch is finished 
now. It's up in the basement. Currently at the bottom there is a bed, a TV, a chair and an 
Xbox remote. At the top are more boxes.  I've started to decorate the outside.

This is my little brother Bro8 working on his gourd.
He is nearly finished his gourd.

This is Bro8's gourd he currently has a clay penguin
standing behind the table holding tools and fixing the 
box next to the gourd.

If you like this stuff, check out Nicolas blog for more Gourds and details

                              That's it for now. Maybe I'll do another post like this another time.


  1. Wow, this is so cool! And you are a fabulous writer, LBW! :)

  2. Keep up the good work! From servalpaul :-)


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