Monday, 13 June 2011

The Boy Who Lost a Tooth

Once upon a time there was a boy who lost his tooth and he did not know until one night his gums started to bleed! After his desert it really hurt at first, but the longer it was from when it hurt the less it hurt.

One time he went to Bunnings with his dad. His dad bought a sausage. He found a piece of gristle in the sausage. He thought it was his tooth but Dad said, "It is just a piece of gristle." He was embarrassed but did not tell anyone.

His mum said, "You have swallowed it", about three time. He said, "No, I did not" three times. Mum said it one more time and then he believed her. So that night he went to bed with his mouth open so that the tooth fairy can get the tooth out of his tummy.

The Tooth Fairy arrived. His mouth was still open so the Tooth Fairy put on a air tank and went into his mouth. She went down his throat. She was on a good roll until she came to a part of his body where there was five different ways to go. You can go to the eye. You can go to the mouth. You can go to the tummy. You can go to the nose. You can go to the bottom.

Ears was -4
Eyes was -2
Mouth was -5
Nose was -3
Tummy was -1

She did not know that she started to go the 2 but she went 1 and this time she was sure this was the right way. So she went that way and she had trouble standing up because of the boy's breathing. But she got use to it after a while. After about 30 minutes her watch started to blink and the fairy at the Fairy base said, "You are taking too long." The fairy at the boy's home said, "This is the hardest mission a fairy has ever done."
"Well if it is so hard I will send some more fairies."

But when she did, they were on a roll just like the first Tooth Fairy. But when they got to the bit where all the holes were, the holes were leading to five different ways. Because there was four of them and the first one said, "I am going to go into the 2 one". The second fairy said "I am going to go in the 1." The third fairy said "I am going to the 3 one." The fourth fairy said "I am going to the 5 one".

Let me tell you what the holes are again:

Mouth - 5
Tummy - 1
Eye -2
Nose -3
Ears - 4

The fairy that went in hole numbered 5 hit the mouth and sprung back to the part where there was five holes. But she did not get to choose. She sprung into hole 3 where the other fairy was and it happened again and again And just one more time.

The fairy that went in hole number 1, we all know she went the right way but she did not find the other fairy. She thought it was a trick. So she ran off hole number 3 with everybody else
And the fairys flew out his nose.

The first Tooth Fairy had found the tooth and had to find the way out. She found the way to the part where there were 5 holes. She jumped straight into hole number 3 and flew straight out of his nose with the tooth and by then it was about 12 midnight.

She almost made it when she dropped the tooth right next to a dog. She had to be very quiet. She cannot wake up the dog as she got nearer and nearer she accidently stood on the dog's foot. The dog pounced at her. She ran for her life but the other fairies were on the case. They jumped off the stair rail with a net big enough to fit on a dog. So when they jumped they missed the first time. But all of them jumped again and again and again and finally they got the dog.

The Tooth Fairy grabbed the tooth and ran out the door and flew to Fairy Base. But she forgot to give the boy his money.
“But it is 7 o'clock in the morning we will get seen but we have to keep our. Promise?”
“OK, OK. I will go when they go out. “
“When are they going?”
“12 at night.”
“Well you’ll have to go during the day and for your punishment you have to go on your own.”

She guessed she will never get past the dog, but she had to do as she was told. Because if she did not, she would be killed. That is what she guessed and there is a timer that she has to beat or get killed.

So she ran as fast as she can because the time only goes for ten minutes. She went straight out and flew to the boy’s home and she went straight to the door. But as soon as she got in the dog spotted her and chased her out the door. She almost gave up when some more fairies – 1and 2. But it is still enough to get past the dog. So one of the fairies got on one side of the dog and the other fairy went on the other side and the tooth fairy went through the middle and flew up the stairs to the boy’s room. When she got there the boy and his mum and his two brothers were looking for the money.

The tooth fairy flew around the side of the house and flew to the boy’s window and dropped the money in. The boy found it and was the happiest boy you have ever seen. As for the tooth fairy she flew straight back to base and lived. There was only 2 seconds left on the timer.


  1. Wow those tooth fairies are amazing ... I don't think I'd want to have to go searching through anybody for a tooth!!!!

  2. I don't think I'd want to be the tooth fairy! Great job!

  3. Oh wow! It sure does pay to pull a tooth out instead of waiting for it to fall out on its own! Yikes! The fairies did a good job finding the tooth, and you did an excellent job writing this story! Yay LBW! Xo

  4. What a great story! You have a great imagination.

  5. This is such an amazing story. I am so proud of you son. xo


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