Monday, 4 April 2011

A day at Moreton Island

  This is Moreton Island. We went on a ferry boat and it was so much fun.

We worked together to build a big sandcastle as a family.


Me and my brothers jumped in the water. It was fun.

This is my drawing of the sandcastle


  1. I had so much fun making a sandcastle with you all. It was also wonderful to swim in the ocean and have a fun day on the island together. xo Mum

  2. Awesome glad you had a wonderful day! :-D

  3. WEll done, your photos are great and your drawing and sand castle is excellent. you are very talented.
    from Tanya Epis :-)

  4. well done... photo and drawing is escellent

  5. Such a wonderful way to spend a day LBW! So glad you all had such a lovely day. I went to Moreton Island many years ago with my parents. We went on a 4WD tour. It wasn't as fun as your day though! PnJxo

  6. I hope you had a wonderful day on the boat warrior boy!!! and that is one good poster!!

  7. These are great pictures and the drawing is amazing:)


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