Thursday, 29 March 2012

The day our friends rescued us

I was playing with my Lego when my Mum said, “Hurry up or we will be late.” I  replied, “For what?” Mum said, “Soccer clinic.”

 I had completely forgotten that my mum had signed me up for a soccer clinic. But I continued to play. Ten minutes later, Mum said,” Leader Boy Warrior, we are leaving  when  your cousin gets here.”  I raced into my cupboard, grabbed my soccer gear, and put it on. I saw my brothers playing with their toy Transformers. I wanted to join in, so I brought down three of my Transformers, one for my little brothers, and two for me. 

Then five minutes later, my cousin  arrived. He ran up to me and hugged me. Then we got in the car. My cousin was using the Transformers that I was playing with. I asked, “Mum why is  the battery light on?" Suddenly, the air conditioning turned off. It was a very very hot day. To make matters worse, the power steering was gone. The steering wheel was stiff. 

Mum pulled over. She pulled out her phone and called my dad. My Dad called the RACQ guy. Then my mum called the soccer coach to pick me up. He was nice.  When I had left, the tow truck arrived and towed the car away. Mum called our friends and asked them to pick us up in their car. They said, “Meet us at the shops.”

Mum and the boys went to some nearby shops and met our friends there. Our friends rescued my mum, brothers, and cousin. They drove them  to the soccer clinic. And what a surprise I got seeing them arrive. When soccer was finished, I saw a bag of bottle tops that my brothers, cousin and friends had collected while they were waiting for me. I counted thirty bottle tops altogether. We all got in to our friend’s cars and they drove us home.

The End


  1. Great story!! Looking forward to reading more :)

    Xoxo Deni

  2. I loved the way you told the story LBW. You made it sound really interesting.

    Thank God for good friends who rescued us hey?!

    Love you son xo

  3. Great story! You are a natural writer, LBW!(Just like your mum!)

  4. Hi LBW, you are a blessed writer just like your beautiful mum, Jo. I have been very encouraged by your blog.I have an 8yr old son who I homeschool too and he would like to subscribe to you as well. Hopefully God will use you for each other with your blogs and your many adventures! God bless you young man!


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