Thursday, 24 March 2011

And the gift list continues

Here is a bit more of my gift list. I am counting one thousand gifts that I am grateful for.

#21 we have beds
#22 we have furniture
#23 we have an x-box
#24 we have a pet
#25 we have parks
#26 we have cameras
#27 we have board games
#28 we live in a good country
#29 we can go to church
#30 we have cutlery
#31 we have plates and bowls


  1. You have such a thankful heart. Keep writng those gifts down! I especially like #29 as in some countries they don't have the freedom to go to church. I also like #28 - Australia is a good country isn't it? Love you, Mum xo

  2. Your list is great LBW! It's amazing how we have so many things we have in our homes that other people overseas don't have, like cutlery! Pxo

  3. What a great list LBW!!! I too am counting my 1000 gifts. I have a tab on my blog :)
    Keep counting. Gratitude is a wonderful thing.


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